Speed Dating


Speed dating.
initially come from 1999 in the United States as a brand-new format for dating Jews in Los Angeles.

Speed Dating

According to data, nearly half of those who regularly take part in this kind of dating discover the desired partner thanks to them, and 95% of men and 80% of women are entrusted favorable impressions of the conferences and want to repeat their participation.
The quick conferences that have ended up being incredibly popular in Europe allow you to meet 10 people of the opposite sex, near to your age, who are free, cool, positive and enjoy brand-new acquaintances, in simply an hour and a half.

You will have 7 minutes for a private conversation with each of the opposite sex.

Contact contacts are not exchanged during meetings so that there are no awkward situations. After the meetings, everybody notes which of the individuals of the opposite sex he liked.

In case of coincidence of interest from the other party, the organizers exchange contacts for contact of these participants.

All we need to do is wish you a pleasant 2nd meeting!

Great, isn’t it?

It’s time to discover who fate will meet you with and find your partner!


The Beauty Of Dating

No effort.

Arranging 10 conferences is hardly something you can do alone in less than 5 minutes. Thanks to the events we arrange, all you have to do is sign up to participate in the age that matches you.

You’re not wasting time.

How much time will you spend on a meeting? Preparation, travel, discussions … He has currently lost 2 hours, what if the meetings are 10? With speed dating in less than 2 hours you will enjoy the very first 10 conferences and you will easily decide who you desire a 2nd conference with.

You save a lot of money.

Just how much does it cost to satisfy? Ten leva? Twenty? What about 10 meetings? By taking part in speed dating you will pay for the very first 10 conferences as for one!

You will not get into an awkward situation.

Date Your Dream Girl

If after the first conference you do not want to fulfill the other person anymore, because you do not like him, this always causes the undesirable minute when you need to “cut” him. We will save you this too – if you do not like an individual after 7 minutes, you just do not observe him and you have absolutely no dedications to him/ her!

No inconveniences.

Have you ever given your number to somebody prior to a first date and after that was sorry for doing it? Well, with us this will not happen to you – we will offer your telephone number just to those individuals who after the conferences you note that you like (if you have a coincidence of interest).

Comfy atmosphere.

The conferences are held in dining establishments with a pleasant environment, which totally recreates a casual meeting of coffee in between a male and a lady in a way that is completely natural, without the existence of outsiders.

No online mistaken beliefs.

Have you ever satisfied a person on the Internet, sent pictures, wrote hours and days, formed a concept of somebody you like and wish to be with … And right now, in which you satisfy live, your dissatisfaction is so fantastic that you just wonder how he got involved in it at all. In speed dating conferences are live – no phony photos and no deceptive ideas about the other.

100% Fun.

Even if you stop working to find your true love after your first involvement, the enjoyable during the conferences is 100% ensured, in addition to the brand-new buddies you will meet among the other participants.


Stress and anxiety, embarassment – these are things that occupy our minds when we remain at house and think of how we go to speed dating. In fact, when you come, you will see that these troubling clouds will dissipate at the second minute at the most recent, due to the fact that:.

  1. Everybody came like you – with the mindset of new acquaintances, so you fit perfectly into this environment the minute you come!
  2. You are unlikely to be cut off – meeting members of the opposite sex is something they want and anticipate from you!
  3. There is nothing to lose – you can just win. And you can win something priceless! But in any case, for you remains the enjoyable feeling, new buddies and unforgettable experience, which you will certainly want to repeat, if obviously you do not commit after the meetings.
  4. You can always include another individual of your gender to get involved as well. Experience reveals that in this way the emotion is even more pleasant – after the conferences you will be able to share impressions, talk about and talk about how the discussions with the various individuals went.
  5. And do not forget – when an individual analyzes how his life goes, he is sorry for not those things he did, in spite of a few of his concerns, but those he missed out on!

Keep going boldly!

Don’t waste time – take a look at the upcoming occasions and register.


  1. Think of the main problems,.

who will usually ask you and how it is best to respond to briefly – where are you from, education, work, pastimes, interests, entertainment.

  1. Don’t be banal,.

by asking only basic concerns!

Submit fascinating topics to the interlocutor, so you will learn a lot more about him and make a better impression. People learn a lot about you both from the responses you offer and from the questions you ask.

What are you most pleased with in your life?

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

What do you like the majority of about yourself?

What do you do not like about yourself?

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you like to be?

These work guidelines that will offer you an idea of how to prepare your intriguing questions.

Be different, think out of package and this will absolutely set you apart.

Celebrate Dating
  1. The impression in speed dating.

is really important, so take care of your look. Clean, sophisticated clothing, fresh breath and an enjoyable light perfume are a must.

In this way you reveal that you value yourself and those who have actually concerned satisfy you.

  1. Do not talk too much,.

so as not to bore the interlocutor. Don’t talk a little so that you do not appear to be preventing the question.

You do not need to have exhausted one topic to continue with another! It is even advisable not to do it in order to maintain a high level of interest, and yet time is limited – utilize it optimally!

  1. Observe and listen to your interlocutor.

This will tell you how to approach it.

Piercing, tattoo, something fascinating in the clothes/ hairstyle or likewise devices, jewelry and body accessories – reveal that you really notice and take an interest in the person versus you.

And he actually revealed interest – look exposes a lot about an individual’s character.

  1. Try not to ask concern after concern,.

so that the other does not feel like being questioned. The statement-question shift is far better.

For instance: I have a girlfriend who speaks in the same way (statement) … Are you from Burgas? (Concern).

  1. Be positive!

Forget the possibility of grumbling about life or speaking terribly about other people, no matter the opinion of the interlocutor. These are mandatory conditions if you wish to earn his regard!

  1. Suggestions to gentlemen – do not forget the humor!

And yet do not overdo the laughter! Program that you can be serious – you are not a clown, however a stable man with a sense of humor.

  1. Advice to ladies who come with girlfriends.

If you liked one of the gentlemen with whom your pal has currently mentioned that she wants to continue the interaction, do not refuse to mention it.

In any case, it is not known which of you was noted by him, so do not miss the opportunity!

  1. Relax.

you come to have fun while you satisfy. Let this be the directing thought in your mindset towards speed dating.

Enjoy the emotion and let things occur naturally.